Sunday 11th June was the annual 2M Practical Wireless (PW) contest. This contest has quite a long history and MBARS have won the local square (IO84) on three previous occasions. Mark (M6VMS) and myself (G0LWU) used one of the club's calls; G4YBS/P. Thanks also to Steve (G7CAF) who also paid us a visit.

We attempted to take advantage of a rule change allowing 5 watts compared to 3 watts used in previous PW contests. The rule change allowed us to deploy a Kenwood TS-2000 transceiver, rather than the FT290R used in previous years. Many thanks to Sands Contest Group who supplied us with a professional battery for the day.

Band and weather conditions were very similar to last year. With rain threatening always but appearing to circle around us. We could not avoid the cold and the wind though. It was hard work and we only managed 12 contacts so packed in by about 1pm. The club's 5-element Yagi could do with replacement; it is starting to show its age, a bit like the operators!
Rain scatter was probably an issue, limiting us to a maximum distance of about 150 miles, down to the Brecon Beacons.

This contest has previously yielded contacts down to the South coast, but unfortunately not this year. The log has been submitted to PW.

Thoughts about next year are already being contemplated with regard to location, equipment and taking into account previous years results.