The annual MBARS 2M fox-hunt for the Hil-Jon Trophy was held on Tuesday 13th June. The weather held out and we all searched for Bob (G3VVT) who was well-hidden on the outskirts of Hest Bank. Of the five teams competing only Dave (G6ZET) managed to track Bob down, though we all got very close.

Many thanks to Josh (M6YPE) who did an excellent job in co-ordinating the event from Trimpell, with just the right amount of input when needed.

Dave last won the competition in 1990, with John Burrow (G0NYD). The fox that year was Bill Evans (G4UGC). The Hil-Jon shield is now at the engravers and will be available for presentation to Dave once I return from my holidays.

For next year we need to decide what to do with the trophy. The shield is full and probably can't take another backplate, as has happened previously. We could just buy a new trophy, or else move the individual metal shields one at a time to the back to be replaced with new winners. The engraver is going to offer a set of alternatives with prices.