On Saturday 1st April an all-day Intermediate Training session was held.

This training resulted in a number of HF contacts including an Italian who asked if we knew Harry Docherty ("The Doc") in Morecambe. In turned out that Luke who was on the mic at the time, knew Harry from the local archery club.

Training continued throughout April and on the 25th a couple of mock Foundation exams were held in preparation for the real thing later.

On Saturday 10th June, another all-day Intermediate (practical) training session was held.

This last Tuesday (20th June) we used one of the training nights to conduct four examinations. The two Intermediate students and the two Foundation students all passed with very good marks, including one with 100%. We will let you know of the new call-signs as soon as they are available.

We have a further three exams coming up on Tuesday 4th July, comprising of one Intermediate and two Advanced exams. Best of luck to all those involved and thanks to Mike and Tim for conducting the exams. Mark (M6VMS) has been studying for the Advanced exam via the online Bath course. If anyone wants more details of this route please get in touch with me and I will get you more information. It does require quite a commitment as Mark will confirm.