Last Sunday a few of us went down to Trimpell to see what
could be done about the G5RV 
HF aerial which had dropped
down a little due to failure of the halyard.

The first job was to untangle the far end of the aerial from
the gutter/roof. This was soon completed 
with the aid of a
long pole.

Once we found some ladders under the stage, Stuart
bravely climbed on to the flat roof above the balcony and
replaced the damaged halyard 
with a new one.
The old rope was like powder and could be snapped with
just a tug. It had certainly seen better days! 
Unfortunately, at this time we were unable to get the new
halyard through the pulley, but did manage to get it over
the pulley bolt, allowing us to raise the aerial to almost
its normal position. 
We may return to this in the spring.

We had some minor problems with the Kenwood
transceiver during testing, but we seem to have resolved
these. We should perhaps do a little more  testing with
the club's Antenna Analyser in the New Year.

So overall a good result, with just a little more follow-up
work required.

Thanks go to Stuart, Ken and Sheila for making this
all happen.


Andrew, G0LWU