The ITU (International Telecomunications Union), World Radio Conference (WRC 2012) has approved a new Medium Frequency (MF) band for all radio amateurs to use world-wide. This will be between 472 kHz & 479 kHz. The band will be available soon in most of Europe and America for those countries which chose to allocate it to their Amateur Radio Service.

Thirty countries have chosen to opt out, mainly in the Gulf, North Africa and some ex Soviet bloc countries. Radio Amateurs in this country are expected to be allowed to use up to 5W EIRP (5W of Effective Radiated Power with respect to an Isotropic dipole). The band allocation to radio amateurs will be Secondary (very much like 70CMs), which means that anyone using it will have to avoid non-amateur users of the band, possibly military. Radio amateurs will have no rights with regard to protection from interference from other Primary users of this band. At the present time the band seems fairly quiet, apart from a couple of aircraft beacons located in Poland and Slovakia. The frequencies they are using will need to be avoided, unless they choose to move off the band in the next few months.

This new MF band is expected to be available in the UK from January 2013. It is not clear at this time, whether a NOV (Notice Of Variation) will be required from OfCom, before the band can be used by an individual radio amateur.