A QSO party is to be held to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. 

The object is to work as many special United Kingdom "Q" call-sign amateur stations as possible, that is the special GQ, MQ and 2Q calls.

The idea is to encourage a style of contact in line with radio contacts of 1952, when Queen Elizabeth acceded to the throne, so the RSGB is asking people to log the name of the operator and exchange other information such as a real signal report, name, location and details of station equipment.

Participation in the QSO party is open to all radio amateurs world -wide.

Any bands and modes can be used, including FM, AM, SSB, CW (Morse) and data.

Start 2300 UTC (GMT), 4th May 2012
End  2259 UTC,         10th June 2012

A PDF (electronic) certificate will be awarded by email, to each entrant who contacts 100 or more special Q call-sign stations in the UK.
All entries shall consist of an extract from the station log showing the number of claimed contacts, date, time (UTC), call-sign of station worked, frequency/band, mode, report sent/received and any other details exchanged.

The log shall be submitted as an email attachment in either plain text, ADIF, MS Word, Open Office document or Excel.
This entry shall be emailed to QJqsoparty@rsgbcc.org no later than 23:59UTC on 30th June 2012. Please ensure a valid e-mail address is included with the log submission.