The RSGB has implemented, on behalf of Ofcom, simple processes for ALL UK amateurs to obtain the necessary NoVs  (Notice of Variation to an amateur radio licence)  for use of the 'Q' and 'O' special prefixes later in the year. These arrangements can be accessed at Jubilee or Olympics respectively. Fill in all the details and the NOV will be sent as a PDF file, within minutes direct to your email address. Enter your callsign and other details. I did not know what to put in for licence number, so I just put in "unknown" and it was accepted OK.

You can then use your special Queen's Diamond Jubilee call for example, from the 5th of May to the 10th of June 2012. In my case this would be GQ0LWU. This is likely to be very popular with radio amateurs around the world, who will want to get these special call-signs in their logbooks.

Regards Andrew,